​​Nanny camera & babysitter.
Reliable. Easy.

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Turn your smart device into a nanny camera

​​Amy Baby Monitor is an easy-to-use nanny camera that helps you watch and listen to your child from anywhere. Offering more reliability than a real babysitter, Amy will send you smart alerts in case you miss anything.

Amy Baby Monitor on devices

​​Video monitoring

When you're not on WiFi, Amy lets you save data with a mobile-friendly connection. When you are on WiFi, you'll enjoy high quality video and a better frame rate.​

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Video broadcasting

​​Use your old device

Give your old device a second chance! Dust it off and put it to work as a babysitter.

​​Walkie-talkie to your baby

You can easily talk to your baby by pressing the mike button. Amy lets you soothe your baby while you’re on your way to the rescue.

Unlimited range​

Monitor your baby from anywhere in the world. ​​Distance doesn’t matter when you have WiFi, 3G, or LTE networks available.

Secure connection

Amy provides a secure, private connection between your devices to keep your little one safe. You don't need to create an account and no personal data will be stored about you

Smart noise detection

​​You can choose to receive notifications whenever your baby makes a noise. Or you can lower the sensitivity and only get notified when they wake up.

Easy noise detection setup

Go on, put your feet up. You won’t miss a thing.

​​Smart notifications help you make the most of your spare time. No need to watch the screen constantly. If your baby wakes up, you'll receive a notification.

Amy Baby monitor on devices

Smart notifications

Amy will alert you when battery on of the phones is getting low or when connection is lost.


  • realiable notifations
  • you will be always notified, even when you are not in the app
  • always know, what is happening

Where can I use it?

At home

  • Cooking a meal
  • Cleaning your house
  • ​​Relaxing with your other half
  • Watching over night
  • ​​Chatting to visitors


  • ​​Visiting family
  • On the walk
  • ​​At your cottage
  • On holiday

Get more out of your devices

​​Easy to set up

​​Just 3 touches and you’re there.

Pairing process

Any two devices

You can use any two Android or Apple phones and tablets. Just download the app and try it today.

​​Try it!

Just download the app on any two devices and give it a shot.

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Download now!

Note: We’re working on desktop version, TV version so stay tunned!

Download now!

Note: We’re working on desktop version, TV version so stay tunned!

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